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Release Notes

This page tracks major changes included in any update starting with version 4.0.0.

Version 4.0.0

  • ASP.NET Core 2.0+ support (MiniProfiler.AspNetCore and MiniProfiler.AspNetCore.Mvc packages)
  • ASP.NET (non-Core) support (MiniProfiler and MiniProfiler.Mvc5 packages)
  • Entity Framework Core (EFCore) support: MiniProfiler.EntityFrameworkCore
  • Full async support (correct timings)
  • Multi-threaded access support (goes with async)
  • netstandard1.5 and netstandard2.0 support
  • All libraries are strongly named
  • Client timings added to main UI for visual breakdown of requests
  • Storage providers (optional - for persistent storage of MiniProfilers) added and updated:
  • Major version breaking changes
    • UI templating has been removed. The share and includes templates are now much more optimized code. Given the very few people customizing these, they certainly weren’t worth the performance tradeoffs. The includes are now much smaller.
    • CSS class prefixes are now mp- instead of profiler- for fewer conflicts in styling.
    • A Name field has been added to all SQL storage providers.
    • Dropped .NET 4.5 support, due to lack of the framework bits needed to really make async profiling work correctly.
    • MiniProfiler.Step() and MiniProfiler.StepIf() methods now return Timing (the same previous underlying type) instead of IDisposable.
    • IProfilerProvider replaced with IAsyncProfilerProvider (which adds StopAsync(bool discardResults)).
    • IStorage replaced with IAsyncStorage (which adds ListAsync, SaveAsync, LoadAsync, SetUnviewedAsync, SetViewedAsync, and GetUnviewedIdsAsync).
    • ProfiledDbCommand, ProfiledDbConnection, and SimpleProfiledCommand no longer implement ICloneable.
    • MiniProfiler.Settings.(AssembliesToExclude|TypesToExclude|MethodsToExclude) changed from IEnumerable<string> to HashSet<string> (for performance).
    • MiniProfiler.ToJson(MiniProfiler profiler) is now profiler.ToJson() (instance method)
    • [Obsolete] methods removed:
      • IProfilerProvider.Start(ProfileLevel level, string sessionName = null)
      • MiniProfiler.Settings.ExcludeStackTraceSnippetFromSqlTimings
      • MiniProfiler.Settings.UseExistingjQuery
      • MiniProfilerExtensions.Inline<T>(this MiniProfiler profiler, Func<T> selector, string name, ProfileLevel level)
      • MiniProfilerExtensions.Step(this MiniProfiler profiler, string name, ProfileLevel level)
    • More information about v4.0 decisions can be found in Issue #144.