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How-To Upgrade From MiniProfiler V3

MiniProfiler V4 has major breaking changes in layout compared to V3 due to needing to support both ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core.

Breaking Changes

  • RenderIncludes() is now an instance method
    • Fix: change MiniProfiler.RenderIncludes() to MiniProfiler.Current.RenderIncludes()
  • A Name field has been added to the SQL Server Profiler storage
    • Fix: Add a nvarchar(200) null field to your MiniProfilers table.
  • .NET 4.6.1+ (or netstandard2.0) are required (due to lack of the framework bits needed to really make async profiling work correctly).
    • Fix: If you need .NET 4.6 and below, continue to use MiniProfiler V3.
  • MiniProfiler.Step() and MiniProfiler.StepIf() methods now return Timing (the same previous underlying type) instead of IDisposable.
    • Fix: this shouldn’t require changes beyond a recompile, but adds functionality.
  • IProfilerProvider replaced with IAsyncProfilerProvider (which adds StopAsync(bool discardResults))
    • Fix: if you implemented your own provider, you’ll need to change the interface and implement all the new bits.
  • IStorage replaced with IAsyncStorage (which adds ListAsync, SaveAsync, LoadAsync, SetUnviewedAsync, SetViewedAsync, and GetUnviewedIdsAsync)
    • Fix: if you implemented your own storage, you’ll need to change the interface and implement all the new bits.
  • ProfiledDbCommand, ProfiledDbConnection, and SimpleProfiledCommand no longer implement ICloneable in netstandard (it doesn’t exist there)
    • Fix: if you need this, please file an issue. The ICloneable interface is gone…so, yeah.
  • MiniProfiler.Settings.(AssembliesToExclude|TypesToExclude|MethodsToExclude) changed from IEnumerable<string> to HashSet<string> (for performance)
    • Fix: if you’re using these the access may need minor tweaks. If you were using .Add(), no change is necessary.
  • MiniProfiler.ToJson(MiniProfiler profiler) is now profiler.ToJson() (instance method)
    • Fix: change MiniProfiler.ToJson(myProfiler) to myProfiler.ToJson()
  • IUserProvider has been removed, it’s now just a function on the settings.
    • Fix (ASP.NET): Use MiniProfilerWebSettings.UserIdProvider = myFunc
    • Fix (ASP.NET Core): Set UserIdProvider in MiniProfilerOptions in Startup.cs

Obsolete Things Removed in V4

  • IProfilerProvider.Start(ProfileLevel level, string sessionName = null)
  • MiniProfiler.Settings.ExcludeStackTraceSnippetFromSqlTimings
  • MiniProfiler.Settings.UseExistingjQuery
  • MiniProfilerExtensions.Inline<T>(this MiniProfiler profiler, Func<T> selector, string name, ProfileLevel level)
  • MiniProfilerExtensions.Step(this MiniProfiler profiler, string name, ProfileLevel level)
  • MiniProfiler.Stop() (now an instance method: MiniProfiler.Current?.Stop())
  • UI templating has been removed. While Stylesheets and the .tmpl are still replaceable, the share and includes templates are now much more optimized code. Given the very few people customizing these (was anyone using those pieces?), they certainly weren’t worth the performance tradeoffs. If there’s a loud demand for them to come back, we’ll find a more efficient way to do it.