A simple but effective mini-profiler for .NET, Ruby, Go and Node.js.

What does it profile?

MiniProfiler does not attach itself to every single method call; that would be too invasive and wouldn't focus on the biggest performance issues. Instead, it provides:

Simple. Fast. Pragmatic. Useful. Here's an example of what MiniProfiler for .NET looks like:

Getting Started on .NET

MiniProfiler for .NET supports both .NET Full Framework and .NET Core. The project lives on GitHub here and documentation and getting started are here.

Getting Started on Ruby

The MiniProfiler for Ruby project lives on GitHub here. For Ruby documentation, see GitHub and Sams blog post.

Discussion and KB live at or on Stack Overflow. View releases and feel free to submit Pull Requests and Issues on GitHub.

Where is MiniProfiler used?

MiniProfiler was designed by the team at Stack Overflow. It is in production use there and on the Stack Exchange family of sites.

If you have other questions, please ask them on Stack Overflow or